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JotNot Scanner Pro: scan multipage documents to PDF - MobiTech 3000 LLC

JotNot Scanner Pro: scan multipage documents to PDFMobiTech 3000 LLC Genre: BusinessPrice: $0.99Release Date: March 26, 2009

* 50% Off Sale - Limited Time Only! * JotNot is the original and premier multi-page document scanner for the iPhone. "I’ve found that if you take the picture carefully, JotNot can capture a document as well as a fax machine can. And, of course, it’s much easier to carry around." ➜ The New York Times "I am amazed at how readable the processed images are." ➜ MacWorld UK / The Industry Standard "The application works perfectly for casually taking photographs of your documents to ensure that you don’t lose them, and is one that I’ll probably wind up using pretty frequently." ➜ TechCrunch ✚ JotNot can save anything Use JotNot to scan and save documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, notes, recipes, photographs, billboards, posters, books, art--almost anything you can take a picture of. ✚ Enterprise level document scanning JotNot can batch scan multiple pages of a document dramatically speeding up your workflow. JotNot can add, delete, or reorder pages or even move them across documents. For sensitive information JotNot can password protect your PDFs. ✚ Faxing to US numbers Fax to US numbers for $0.99 for up to 5 pgs. We charge per fax because we incur a cost per minute of fax transmit time just like any other long distance call. In our testing "free" Internet fax services/servers are not always reliable. ✚ Adjust file size and resolution JotNot gives you the ability to control file size and resolution of your scans. Need smaller files? Just adjust the file size slider and the resolution slider under settings. ✚ Save and share with JotNot JotNot has built-in support to save or share your documents by email, iDisk/WebDAV, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs with OCR, and Box.net. ✚ Tag, search, and sort documents Find documents quickly by tagging documents and searching by tag or name. Sort documents by name or date. Rename or delete documents to stay organized. ✚ PDF preview View PDF documents exactly as they appear on a computer. Export them to other iOS apps (such as iBooks) or print them through AirPrint. ✚ Standard and custom page sizes JotNot automatically detects standard page sizes like Letter, A4, or Legal for standard documents. JotNot also supports custom page sizes for receipts. ✚ Proprietary image processing JotNot automatically detects edges and processes images to remove shadows, correct contrast, and adjust white balance, so that scans come out looking as crisp and clear as possible every time. All the processing happens on your iPhone so confidential data remains under your control. JotNot works forever, there's no subscription fee, and you don't need Internet access to scan documents. See our Youtube channel for product demonstrations: http://www.youtube.com/user/jotnotdemo JotNot has many additional features including: ✚ A simple, easy to use interface ✚ Camera stabilization ✚ Quick capture “Single Page Mode” ✚ Automated backup of scans ✚ Ability to email PDFs, PNGs, and JPEGs ✚ Presets for receipts, documents, and more ✚ Ability to save to the Photo Library ✚ Ability to import from the Photo Library ✚ An extensive help (under Settings / Help) Tips to get the best quality scans: ● Keep the document flat and well lit ● Use a preset mode when possible (e.g. receipt) ● For faint text try maxing out the contrast ● Try to use image stabilization if possible ● For the 3GS or iPhone 4, wait for the autofocus We would love your suggestions. Please take our survey at http://blog.jotnot.com to help us decide on what to add next. Please contact JotNot customer service at support@jotnot.com to try to resolve any problems before submitting feedback. Most problems can be solved easily, but we cannot help you solve your problem from the comments.© © MobiTech 3000 LLC 2012

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