Jason Smith

I'm Jason. This is my home on the web where I write. 

This is a Test. Can this headline be a link? No. it seems not. oh well.

So maybe this app is more functional than I first thought. This link will take you to All Decor.

Now this should be on another line. Let's see how that goes.

Another new line now, and all this text should be bold AND underlined.

And now it's time for a quote I think.

This is a quote. It's not a very long quote, but it's quotable.

What else can I test here?

https://itunes.apple.com/us/rss/topgrossingipadapplications/limit=25/xml?partnerId=30&LS_PARAM=http%3A%2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.com%2Ffs-bin%2Fstat%3Fid%3DZzawilv6QOc%26offerid%3D146261%26type%3D3%26subid%3D0%26tmpid%3D1826%26RD_PARM1%3D Follow @jasonsmith on ADN

So would a bigger iPad be better than the mini?