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Printing from your iPhone

It's easier than you think to print great photo's and documents from
your iPhone or iPad.

You will need:
A wireless network at your home or office.
$110 (or more) to buy a printer

Grab an AirPrint compatible printer from Apple.com or your local
electronics retailer, and set it up as per the instructions,
connecting it to your wi-fi network.

My printer cost about $90 from Mitchell and Brown (Geraldton), and
took about 20 minutes to unbox and set up.

On my phone, I select a photo, press the little arrow menu button,
and choose print.
I select the printer, tell it how many copies, and press PRINT.

If I want to print a document, I can even select what specific pages I
would like to print.

It's great if you are doing homework on your iPad, need a hard copy of
something because you have a Grandmother without email, or just feel
like being old fashion.

Printing works from the Google Maps app, Safari, Photos, iPhoto,
Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Mail, iBooks (PDF's), Notes, and heaps more.

Do you need a new app?

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