Jason Smith

I'm Jason. This is my home on the web where I write. 

My Sore Neck

I woke up the other morning with a sore neck. Must have slept wrong...
whatever that means.

I had to go to Bunnings to buy some plants, but getting in and out of
the car was a challenge. I had a bright idea. I'll park in the middle
of two bays so I can open my car door all the way. Then I won't
scratch up anyone's paint work when I get in and out of the car, and
I'll be able to put the plants into the car with my sore neck.

Genius, I told myself.

No sooner had I parked the car, someone in a ute pulls up behind me
and starts honking his horn. He drove off and parked elsewhere, so I
got out and went over to explain my bad parking and offered to move
somewhere else if he wanted that specific spot. It wasn't very close
to the entrance so I didn't suppose it would be that special.

I got to the guy and started to explain, and he started hurling abuse
at me. I thought it was a bit funny actually. He was so agro, you
would have thought someone had just stolen his iPad. (I doubt he owns
an iPad actually. People with long beards rarely own iPads, not sure
why the correlation.) He wouldn't take me up on the offer to move my
car though. And when he left the store he managed to call out some
more hurtful names at me so I knew I wasn't forgiven.

I never bothered to reply. I realized he was angry before he met me.
Though it made me think.

Are there people or situations or things in my life that I react to
inappropriately because of how I already am... not because those
people or situations are actually wrong? How can I tell? Do I have
people around me that I will listen to when they tell me I am reading
the situation wrong?


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