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The Eagle 2 Stars

The Eagle staring Jamie Bell
The Eagle staring Jamie Bell
I'm not sure why, but The Eagle just felt like a B grade movie right the way through.

It's all about the son of a well known (but dead) Roman soldier or centurion or something who loses a golden eagle in Britain somewhere. The son needs to recover the eagle to restore his father's name. Very touching, especially if you are into risking your neck for statues of birds.

I couldn't get into the movie, which was a pity because I was in the mood for some action too.

It stars Channing Tatum (who I don't find that enjoyable to watch), and Jamie Bell (who seems like a pretty cool actor actually). You might rememder Jamie Bell from when he was a little younger in a movie called Billy Elliot. And he was also in Man on a Ledge, a movie I reviewed about 3 posts ago, and he voiced TinTin in the recent movie.

Any way, rent The Eagle if you have nothing better to do. 2 stars.

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