Jason Smith

I'm Jason. This is my home on the web where I write. 

Life after iPad

I sold my iPad the other day. I had a new job with a desktop PC and
could use my new MacBook Air there too. And my wife has my old iPad,
and my daughters have an iPad each too.

But as logical as the decision seemed, I can't shake this empty
feeling inside. Movies are just better on a retina iPad in bed. And
browsing the net isn't the same on anything else.

Let's see what this mini iPad has to offer. Perhaps it can fill the void.

At least my iPad has a good home. The new owner loves it, and let's me
see it from time to time. I'm hoping I can claim visitation rights,
but they'll probably be supervised. I just want what's best for the

movies in the cloud

I got a new printer - it's a black one