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Artists guess of what new iPhone will be: iphoneinformer.com

So you want the latest rumours on the iPhone? The latest goss, what to expect? No? Well here it is anyway.

A bigger screen.
It better be. Leaked parts suggest it will be taller somewhat so imagine it with an extra row of icons.

It's probably an established enough standard now for Apple to stick it in the iPhone. They put it in the iPad already so it's fairly expected.
I thought this was going to be a game changer, but with the data plans out there being so crap there really isn't a lot of purpose to having ultra fast mobile 4G speeds. For example, Telstra were advertising some 4G Galaxy thing the other day and carrying on about how fast the download speeds were, and then proceeded to tell me the plan it came with included 1Gig of data. WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WITH ONE GIG? Watch one episode of Mad Men? I want 4G and unlimited data and then it's worth having.

Smaller dock connecter.
Not really going to change my life much. Except all the chargers I already have will become useless. If it helps them make the phone smaller then that's ok. Maybe it will make data transfers quicker. Which would be good except only a mug would plug their phone into their computer and sync with iTunes these days. Unless Apple seriously overhaul iTunes on the Mac and PC and how the thing interacts with my iPhone, I don't want them to touch each other. I backup to iCloud and access everything over WiFi or the cloud. I admit, sometimes I transfer all the photo's and videos off my phone sometimes with a cord and if that could be faster that's nice.

Better battery life.
Great. Hope it doesn't heat up like a hot coal in my hand though.

A little bit.

Fingerprint sensor technology.
I doubt this one.

It will be available to order 12 Sept 2012. Released Sept 21st.
Hope so.

A smaller sim card.
How small do you want it. It seriously can't be taking up that much room inside the phone. I remember when sim cards were the size of a credit card. Dropping your sim card on the ground is going to be like dropping a contact lens soon.

Metal back.
Apple purchased a bunch of patent rights for some kind of metal from a company called "LiquidMetal". Read about it here.

Even tougher glass.
Bullet proof would be nice.

So there you go. Although most of the rumours and stuff making headlines are calling it iPhone 5 it will be the 6th iPhone. So who knows, maybe it will be called 'the new iPhone' just to annoy everyone again.

I'm pretty sure iOS 6 will ship at the same time, so a lot of things that will feel like an improvement will just be software related. So these are just the anticipated hardware updates.

I personally am not vouching for any of these rumours (rumors). No one has sent me a part from a factory that some poor chinese bloke smuggled out up his butt so he could earn a few extra yuan to pay for a new fake pair of Air Jordans. And I'm actually hoping Apple has got something special up its sleeves. Maybe a 20MP camera. Maybe NFC so I don't have to carry my heavy credit card everywhere with me. Maybe some special tech that will start my car and unlock my house front door so I don't need keys any more, and a built in speaker that is as good as a standard home theatre. And charging without needing to be plugged in. And the ability to recharge just from moving around in my pocket. And a powerful gyroscope and accelerometer that can actually detect when it is falling and deploy an airbag. You think I'm joking? I'm not. And water proof.

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